Water Transfers and Markets

Efficient allocation and conveyance are important elements of long-term water reliability and resilience. I have assisted clients with the largest and most significant transfers in the United States.

Selected transactions in my experience include:

  • Transfer of Colorado River water from the Imperial Irrigation District to the San Diego County Water Authority in California. This is the largest water transfer in United States history and supplies approximately 30 percent of water supplies for San Diego County. The transfer was a significant part of the Authority’s strategy to diversify and make sustainable its water supplies. Ultimately, it became part of the Quantification Settlement Agreement, which allowed California to reduce diversions of Colorado River water to its legal entitlements
  • California Drought Water Bank 2009
  • Multiple transfers of Sacramento River water to agricultural and urban users in central and southern California
  • Exchange of Colorado River water for desalinated water from the Gulf of California in Mexico
  • Transfer of groundwater to the Republican River Basin in Nebraska
  • Transfer of groundwater from the Carrizo-Wilcox Basin in Texas
  • Transfer of groundwater within the Edwards Aquifer in Texas
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