Australia Water Study Tour

For the next two weeks, I will be traveling around Australia with a US delegation as guests of the Government here, meeting with water managers and touring facilities related to water reuse, desalination and irrigation. Australia is actively promoting its water management experience, with a group of companies coming together to form Water Australia with the stated goal of exporting at least $5 billion of water-related goods and services by 2015. It is certainly true that Australia has experienced significant droughts over the past decade, and they have responded aggressively to the situation (e.g., as reported yesterday in the New York Times), although certainly not without pain and controversy. I am interested to see some of their solutions on the ground, especially in comparison to California, which over the three years of the 2007-2009 drought did almost nothing.

For an opening, I had the chance to visit Sydney one day early, and went to the zoo to see some of the famous Australian animals. While there, I noted that Sydney Water had a prominent exhibit encouraging water conservation. I will leave you with a few photos of the exhibit.

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One Comment on “Australia Water Study Tour

  1. Wes,

    While you are there you should (if you have not already) meet with Rory Brennan, Executive Director, Infrastructure Investment for Infrastructure Australia. He was very interested in all infrastructure projects – including water – when we had a meeting here in DC.

    All the best – Seth

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